Comfortable living in autumn

After a long and active summer we are happy to make ourselves comfortable at home.
Autumn interiors

The most beautiful autumn colours: The Tisca colour palette for autumn

Individual home accessories in the interior trend colours for autumn 2019 already provide fresh, stylish accents. And since this season’s colour spectrum is particularly varied, our choice of 96 colours is sure to have a tone that harmonises with your existing furnishings.

The colour palette for autumn ranges from creamy wool white/nature and earthy beige/brown to striking autumn colours such as yellow/orange and red/violet.

Tisca colour palette wool white/nature
Tisca colour palette wool beige/brown
Tisca colour palette wool yellow/orange
Tisca colour palette wool red/violet

Creamy wool white and earthy beige/brown are the favourites for this autumn’s interior design. With these soft, light tones you can take the natural materials of the summer with you into the cool season and add one or two fluffy blankets or scented candles.

Tisca Tipp
This colour world is also perfect if you are unsure about a major furniture investment. Cream is timeless, stylish and can be combined with just about anything. In addition, it doesn't look as hard as white and is much less prone to stains.

Neben zahlreichen Naturtönen (Wollweiß, Grau oder Braun) setzen knalligere Herbstfarben, wie Gelb, Orange oder Purpur in verschiedenen Nuancen, moderne Akzente.

    Cosy at home

    hyggelig in autumn and winter
    Cuddly rugs
    It gets cuddly soft in autumn and winter: Wool rugs not only warm cold feet but also exude a wonderfully cosy atmosphere in your home thanks to their soft textures.

    Tisca collections

    Sinabe Uni
    Sisal and cotton in perfect harmony. Natural, elegant and literally versatile.
    Soho Uni
    Shimmering sisal fibres on a black warp provide pleasantly earthy textures.
    Romeo rund
    Heathered sisal braids are the heart of our Romeo, which is not just good-looking, but also very robust and easy to clean.
    Rovera rund
    Rovera impresses with tasteful understatement and even resists the most demanding stress with timeless elegance.

    Tisca wool rugs

    Natural warmth for cold days
    Wool feels good
    Our base material is sheep's wool; a natural product which can absorb and release a large amount of humidity. In addition wool keeps dust out of the atmosphere of the room and makes it more homely all round.
    Easy-care and made to last
    Take advantage of the self-cleaning effect of natural wool and reverse the rug twice a year. For general cleaning it is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner with a flat nozzle. In this way our rugs last a lifetime.

    Big rugs

    Provide a lot of warmth and comfort
    Small, Large or Oversize
    Your wish is our command: choose from 26 different structures and 96 colours. Circular, oval, square and polygonal shapes are possible too. For large rooms select Tisca XL: Your rug can be woven with a width of up to 6 metres.