Rug care and rug cleaning made easy with simple means

Here you will find valuable tips for the care and cleaning of your new wool or sisal rug

The children play on the rug, the pet makes dirt or the wine glass falls over. Small mishaps happen in every household. But don’t worry. With simple tricks and household remedies you can quickly find a remedy.

What to do if a mishap occurs on the virgin wool rug?
Especially unpleasant are so-called water spots. These are stains caused by water-soluble dyes: coffee, tea, wine, ink, etc. So you have to act as fast as lightning. Wash them quickly with lukewarm water and soap before they bond with the wool. Sometimes this process must be repeated two or three times. Please always dab with a lint-free cloth - do not rub.
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Profit from the self-cleaning effect of natural wool

The natural product wool is a fantastic material that can absorb and release a lot of moisture. Wool also keeps dust out of the room climate and makes it more comfortable all around. Accumulated dust is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a smooth nozzle.
You should also turn the rug twice a year, turning it on its own axis. This creates a self-cleaning effect. This ensures that the rug is used evenly and gives it a uniform surface appearance.

To clean your sisal rug
The quicker a stain is removed the better. Dampen the surface of the stained area and dab away with a white cloth. Do not soak the rug. For stubborn stains use a ph-neutral carpet cleaner and quickly dry the damp area.

Tisca’s handmade rugs are woven in linen weave and are therefore identically beautiful on both sides and can be turned over as often as you like. For standard cleaning it is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner with a smooth nozzle. This way our rugs last a lifetime.