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Every rug from Tisca is a handcrafted masterpiece. For more than 50 years we have been inspired by the traditional skill of weaving and have continued to develop it further. Thus we have managed to unite tried and tested craftsmanship with modern design. Our Olbia collection which comprises 96 colors and 26 structures provides endless variations of models for an individual atmosphere. Experienced weavers only process wool of the highest quality which comes predominantly from New Zealand. Respect is the first handwoven collection in the world with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate. Not without reason do Tisca products enhance the living space of those who appreciate fine craftsmanship made to last.

Each Tisca rug is a unique piece

Our weavers are extremely experienced and have that innate touch. They weave a collection from high-quality New Zealand wool for individualists. Where hand and heart combine, beauty is usually not far away.
Small, Large or Oversize
Your wish is our command: choose from 26 different structures and 96 colours. Circular, oval, square and polygonal shapes are possible too. For large rooms select Tisca XL: Your rug can be woven with a width of up to 6 metres.
Wool feels good
Our base material is sheep's wool; a natural product which can absorb and release a large amount of humidity. In addition wool keeps dust out of the atmosphere of the room and makes it more homely all round.
Hand-woven rugs from Tisca are woven in linen weave and therefore equally beautiful on both sides; they can be reversed as often as you like.
Easy-care and made to last
Take advantage of the self-cleaning effect of natural wool and reverse the rug twice a year. For general cleaning it is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner with a flat nozzle. In this way our rugs last a lifetime.

With 96 colours and 26 structures, which can be individually combined, Olbia is our most varied product range.


    The world's first handwoven rug that is fully certified from the sheep to the finished product by the world's leading standard for ecologically sustainable textile products.

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        Design classics from a time when design still meant pattern.

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