Tisca Garden Rugs

Designing and connecting spaces according to the same attitude to life - never before have these possibilities existed in such perfection.

Rugs for Outdoor Living

The Garden Rugs from Tisca open up new possibilities on balconies and terraces, on forecourts and in gardens to make the «around the house» homely and stylish.
Many colours, sizes and styles
Outdoor rugs that withstand the elements - whether warmth, cold or wetness
Comfort in the new outdoors
Woven or braided by hand in different designs and shapes
Aesthetics, style and comfort
Unique rugs combining the latest technologies and craftsmanship

It's your choice

The Tisca Garden Rugs Collection
Tisca Belbo
A round rug, a circle of interwoven braids
that appear to loop around endlessly into
eternity, a symbol of unity, of perfection.
Tisca Ombrone
Braids in a single color, joined together
from the inside out to form a coherent
whole, and concluded with a contrasting
color along the outer edge.
Tisca Sesia
A large inner circle, a narrow border,
and a contrasting edge – with so many
options, the sky’s the limit.
Tisca Maira
A woven, robust rug, concentric circles
in different colors – a thrilling sight to
Tisca Tanaro
Woven like the Lambro, but with a
contrasting edge to lend the Tanaro a
sense of excitement and flair. It’s not
only the borders that are available in
contrasting colors. Each side of the rug
can have a different color.
Tisca Lambro
The Lambro owes its beautiful structure
to the warp and weft, with their perpendicular
directions and different colors.
Any color and size is possible.