Tisca Olbia

Olbia is the name of the diverse collection of hand woven rugs by Tisca. We place value on tradition and draw on decades of experience and classic techniques for weaving our rugs.

As individual as you are

Our rugs are made by hand in Siebenbürgen in the very heart of Europe.
Wool feels good to the touch
Basic constituent of the hand woven rugs is the best pure new wool from New Zealand. The raw material is hard-wearing and easy to clean. New Zealand wool is characterized by its fine structure. Nevertheless, compared to wool generally used for clothing it is if anything stronger and therefore exhibits the best characteristics for a pronounced recovery, which makes the rug extremely long-lived.
The positive characteristics of the natural product wool
Wool has the advantage of being able to absorb moisture and release it again. Thus it regulates the interior climate and provides a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in the home. Pure new wool rugs score with their self-cleaning effect. Moreover, wool keeps dust out of the air. This can be removed with the smooth nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and for that reason woollen hand woven rugs are ideally suited to allergy sufferers.
The Tisca tip: Turn the rug over twice a year.
Well structured in a multifarious choice of colours
The 26 different structures of the hand woven rugs in the Olbia collection are as unique as the rooms in your home: whether light, full-bodied and unusual rugs or modern designs. These types of rugs are formed by special treatments of the yarn in the spinning mill as well as different ways of laying the yarn in the warp shed.
Olbia Pure Nature
From the undyed wool of various breeds of sheep, the wool is processed into yarns in precisely defined blends in our spinning mill. Chemical dyeing can therefore be dispensed with. Sustainability in the best manner.

It's your choice

Versatile rugs
This type of rug is versatile as well as hard-wearing. Moreover each one has the advantage of being reversible, thus rendering your rug long-lived and easy to care for.
Comfortable rugs
Create special effects with these models. The special processing of the yarns accentuates each structure in a different way.
Cuddly rugs
These lively rugs present themselves with chameleon-like visual effects. Real eye-catchers to liven up any room.

As individual as you

For every room a suitable size of rug
No matter whether large or small, narrow or wide. We weave the ideal size of rug for every room. From a width of 50 cm up to 600 cm and any length, every Olbia structure can be supplied in the size you are looking for. Round, oval, square and polygonal shapes are not a problem either. It's the way to present your home in the best possible light.
For every room the suitable look
In our Olbia collection we have 96 colours from which to choose. As well as the numerous natural hues like natural white, grey or brown, jazzier colours in various shades such as yellow or purple set modern accents. Mix your ideal rug from a variety of 96 colours and we will design your very own pièce de résistance for your home. The choice is yours!