Tisca Respect

Respect is the first handwoven collection in the world with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate. This enables us to ensure that our products comply with the leading standard for organic textile products, from the sheep to the finished rug. The raw materials in the finished product are from certified organic animal husbandry or certified organic farming sources.

As individual as you are

Our rugs are made by hand in Siebenbürgen in the very heart of Europe.
Certified organic sheep farms with certified organic animal husbandry
GOTS certified scouring and dyeing
Compliance with higher standards of social responsibility
An uninterrupted audit trail for all raw materials and production stages

It's your choice

Versatile rugs
This type of rug is versatile as well as hard-wearing. Moreover each one has the advantage of being reversible, thus rendering your rug long-lived and easy to care for.
Comfortable rugs
Create special effects with these models. The special processing of the yarns accentuates each structure in a different way.
Cuddly rugs
These lively rugs present themselves with chameleon-like visual effects. Real eye-catchers to liven up any room.