House of Peter and Karsten

Living with a view
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Peter and Karsten from Ludwigshafen/DEU let us look into their stylishly furnished living rooms. Clean lines and harmoniously coordinated colours create an atmosphere.

Galerie Draufsicht WZ
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For the rug, they chose Respect Meadow in the colour 1802 Cloud from the Respect collection. The simple yet elegant surface structure brings cosiness into the room without putting itself in the foreground.

For Peter and Karsten, the ideal rug size was extremely important. But which rug size is ideal? For maximum comfort, all the chairs of the dining group should fit on the rug, for example. For a rectangular rug, always calculate your table size plus at least 80 cm on each side of the rug.

The Tisca size advisor will give you the best advice. You choose the living situation that applies to you or is most similar and then receive our recommendation for the optimal rug size.

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Whether in the living room or at the dining table, the pure new wool carpet is a faithful companion and brings comfort and warmth into the room. “I would never have thought it possible that walking barefoot over the rug is such a wonderful feeling,” Karsten told us happily.

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Respect. The structures.

Respect Air 1001 Wool White
Respect Forest 1001 Wool White
Respect Meadow 1001 Wool White
Respect River 1001 Wool White
Respect Plain 1001 Wool White

    Respect. The colours.

    1001 Wool White
    1102 Brownish
    1104 Pale Brown
    1802 Cloud
    1804 Paloma
    1110 Marmot
    1820 Slate