Design for the floor

The rug - a stylish interior design element
Lino - elegance in linen

The home has become a safe and important place of retreat. Aesthetics and ambience are values that flatter the living space. The rug blends in with the homely living and radiates warmth and clarity.

Linen – Noblesse for your living space

Lino is our vision of an elegant linen rug. Available in five natural shades, the hand-woven rug combines the proven Tisca quality with the beauty and special feel of linen. To perfectly set the scene in your living space, we weave your rug to your desired size. Whether large or small, narrow or wide. Design your very own unique rug for your very own home.

Best advice from our partners. Our linen rug is available from selected specialist retailers. Find your nearest Tisca partner here.

To prevent the linen rug from slipping on the floor, we recommend the "Tisca-Rugstop" underlay.
Elegant unique rugs made of sisal

Shimmering plant fibre

Sisal and cotton are woven into elegant unique pieces in the two hand-woven rugs Sinabe and Soho. These rugs captivate with their timeless elegance. The hand-woven structures can be used on both sides and are also very flexible in terms of size. Available from 50 to 600 cm wide in any length.

tisca-sinabe-uni-gallerie_0000_Ebene 4
Sisal-rug Sinabe
tisca-soho-uni-gallerie_0001_Ebene 3
Sisal-rug Soho
Soho Uni _633_MG_9711 (1)
Sisal-rug Soho

Interesting facts about Tisca sisal rugs

  1. 100 % handmade
  2. can be used on both sides
  3. suitable for allergy sufferers
  4. material mix sisal with cotton
  5. suitable for underfloor heating
  6. special sizes from 50 – 600 cm
  7. durable and easy to clean
  8. Rug washing in a specialist company recommended
  9. Sinabe is available in beautiful natural shades
  10. Soho is made in strong, shimmering colours
  11. recommended for dining and study rooms, as well as for the hallway area in the entrance hall of the house