Reduction to the essentials

Pure new wool rugs in reduced color scheme
Scope 1814_O1A3087
Scope col. 1814

8 structures from wool.

8 characters for living spaces.

1 color world for cool interior design.

The edition “Black & White” is the result of the most consistent reduction of all Olbia colors to the most essential. From January 11 to 15, 2023, this rug-edition will be presented for the first time at Domotex in Hanover.

Grid 1001_O1A3533
Grid col. 1001

Sneak Peek 2023

Like all handmade Tisca rugs, all “Black & White” structures are available from 50 cm to 600 cm wide and in any length. Thus, each living space is optimally set in scene with the individually adapted rug. A Tisca rug is a versatile home accessory, creates a space within a space, comfort and belonging. Hand-woven unique pieces give modern living spaces a special exclusive character and create a discreet frame, which skillfully brings out the entire interior.

At a glance

This interesting structure can be shown off perfectly in any living room.

This natural talent impresses in any room with its simplicity and modesty.

A vibrant structure that manages to harmoniously integrate into a wide variety of living spaces.

The flat surface provides a dignified flair on lively floors.

Elegant, simple and striking at the same time. A real eye catcher.

A rug structure that invites you to feel good.

Black and White merge in this structure.

Simple elegance and minimalist ambience.

Drop 1001_O1A3506
Drop 1001
Frame 1001_O1A3182
Frame 1001
Gravel 1001_O1A3231
Gravel 1001
Grid 1001_O1A3563
Grid 1001
Pebble 1012_O1A3140
Pebble 1012
Scope 1814_O1A3111
Scope 1814
Trace 1814_O1A3356
Trace 1814
Trail 1814_O1A3407
Trail 1814