Furnishing in the cottage style

Bring nature into your home with a hand-woven woolrug
Bring nature into your home

Slowing down, a comfortable place to unwind, being close to nature, sustainability and high-quality everyday objects and regional products, and being conscious of their production are all part of a modern way of life. It’s no surprise then that the cottage style is back on trend. It’s arranged around all these values and embodies a new home atmosphere.

Materials for the country charm

The cottage style is pleasantly rustic and is brought to live by a traditional design which is inspired by nature. Typical materials for the cottage style are wood, rattan, stone, ceramics and clay. Cotton, linen, furs and leather crafted by hand are also characteristic of the cottage style.

Tisca decor tip
You can skillfully round off the cottage style with scented flowers and fresh twigs from the garden.
Inspired by nature

Colours and patterns for the cottage style

The brown tones of the natural materials are ideally complemented by muted natural colours such as a bright off-white. A powerful dark blue also forms a beautiful contrast to the beige and wood tones. That little extra something is provided by light pastel tones and traditional patterns such as plaids and floral motifs.

The colour palette is covered and as natural as possible.

Recreating the cottage style – the basics

  1. Natural materials
  2. Seasonal decorations from the garden
  3. Solid wood furnishing objects
  4. Rough surfaces
  5. Expressive structures
  6. Covers for chairs or sofas
  7. Muted colours
  8. Colourful blue or red accents
  9. Porcelain with floral motifs
  10. Traditional patterns for Tisca home textiles