Furnishing in the Ethno style

You think of the colourful world of colour of distant lands, and out comes a mixture which brings the beauty of the distant lands into our home. The ethno style is attractive to modern globetrotters who feel at home all over the world.
Inspiration from foreign countries

Materials for the Ethno style

Country-specific, handcrafted furniture, accessories and art from all of the world characterise the timeless modern ethno style. As value is placed on hand-crafted pieces when selecting furniture and textiles, the carefully selected individual pieces come together to form a completely individual look.

Favourite pieces from all over the world
An open-minded variety of colours

Colours and patterns for the Ethno style

Warm, earthy colours are a must for the ethno look: Terra cotta, brown, beige or red harmonise with spice colours such as saffron, mustard or turmeric yellow.

Tisca decor tip:
These colours really come into their own with metallic or gold accents!
Ethno-atmosphere for your home

Key-Pieces for the Ethno look

  1. Earthy colours
  2. Graphic patterns
  3. Floor cushions or pouffes
  4. Dark woods
  5. Colourful decoration
  6. Metal accessories
  7. Large blankets and throws
  8. Cushions with prints
  9. Accents with gold
  10. Trays & lanterns