Furnishing in the Scandinavian style

Living comfortably with a hand-woven woolrug
Living comfortably in Nordic Chic

Natural materials and organic furniture designs: minimalist and yet sensuous Nordic chic is always a welcome guest in our homes and it is becoming an unmistakable home and living style.

Nordic chic materials

Bleached wood, cotton, felt, leather, stone, rattan, or basket – it has to be natural! This is how nature finds many ways into Scandinavian interior design – in the form of natural materials, natural colours and organic furniture designs. Scandinavians are also experts in creating a comfortable mood at home: off-white carpets on their wooden floors radiate warmth and well-being.

TISCA decor tip:
Arrange single green twigs from your garden in a modest glass vase.
    Light and natural colours form the basis

    Colours and patterns for a cottage style

    A colour concept that works: The basic tones of white, beige and grey provide a vibrancy thanks to their soft, reserved powder tones. Bright woods love to contrast with dark colours. Otherwise, powerful tones are only used as an accent.

    TISCA decor tip:
    Instead of having one big lamp, opt for several table and standing lamps that you can spread around the room. In the same way, elaborate candle arrangements can provide a sensuous, Scandinavian atmosphere.

    Scandinavian interior secrets

    1. Sensuous materials
    2. Natural accessories
    3. Natural colours
    4. A lot of white
    5. Contrasts with dark colours
    6. Organic furniture designs
    7. Timeless design elements
    8. Playful accents
    9. Elaborate arrangements
    10. Candle decoration
    Tisca decor tip:
    Create open space, the phrase is "less is more".