Interior trend of rug layering

Our tips for rug layering

Rugs in the layered look?

That’s right! The latest interior design trend is known as layering – with two or more rugs being combined with one another and placed on top of each other: According to the current interior design motto, two or three are better than one.

Our tips for rug layering

  1. Choose a flat base:The best choice for the base are flat woven designs in discreet colours and, perhaps, a plain or slightly mottled shade in beige, white or grey.
  1. There are no limits to your creativity: The layering look lives from an orderly chaos which ultimately provides a harmonious overall picture. Place the rugs on top of each other asymmetrically and play with the different sizes. Let your creativity run free.
  1. Play with colours, shapes and textures:A particularly interesting layering look results from the choice of different textures, shapes and colours. Start with a flat-woven rug and bring life to your ensemble with modern textural landscapes and different shapes. Discover our 26 textures in 96 colours.
  1. Find a common denominator:When choosing the colour, make sure that the colours complement each other well and that they come from a common colour family. Earthy colours such as light brown, dark brown and yellow are especially harmonious together. Discover our range of colour sand vary different plain and mottle shades of colour with each other. Tip: Incidentally, this also applies to the rest of the furnishings – ideally, the colours for your choice of rug are also to be found elsewhere in the room.

 The cosy layering trend brings structure, variety and above all else, plenty of comfort to the room. Give it a try!