Agata Dimmich and Igor Josifovic put their unique rug in the limelight

After visiting our manufactory, Agata and Igor received their personal unique Tisca rug. In their blog Agata gives valuable tips for the right rug selection and Igor gives us insights into his living room. Both bloggers rely on a hard-wearing and timeless structure. With their choice of Wool White colours, they underline the colourful elegance of their living rooms.
Olbia Polar-col-1001
Inspiration by passion_shake
'Top 5 Tips on how to choose a perfect rug' from Agata Dimmich
"A woolen rug in natural shade is a perfect choice to add warmth and define the space." A natural coloured wool rug is the perfect choice to give the room warmth and structure. One of Agata Dimmich's tips, published in her blog post "How to choose the right rug".

Copyright: Agata Dimmich

'Serene and plant filled living room' from Igor Josifovic
"My brand new handwoven rug from Tisca!" Igor Josifovics redesigned his living room with a brand new rug and in his blog post he showed his premises. His love for plants and natural materials makes his living room look elegant and stylish. Olbia Barrio in col. 1001 Wool White sets the scene perfectly. Der Blogbeitrag ist in englischer Sprache. Copyright: Igor Josifovic