Tisca LennoX

The structure that gives calm and elegance

The fusion of tradition, craftsmanship and timeless modernity.

With the LennoX collection, Tisca has brought their precious old dobby looms out of their slumber.
Timeless patterns
Rhomb and Zig Zag - two textile design classics from a time when design still meant pattern.
Available in many differnt sizes
LennoX rugs are available in many different sizes, from runners to large living room rug.
Home decor at the highest level.
In our spinningmill, we process the highest quality sheep´s wool into fine woollen yarns. The result is irresistibly beautiful rugs.

Rhomb and Zig Zag

Names as simple and clear as their expression. You can choose from around 100 color options. Numerous natural, partly undyed wool colors, fine melanges as well as powerful, rich colors give you the freedom for individual living room design.
Rhomb 1001 Wool White
Zig Zag 1003 Beige
Rhomb 1820 Fog
Zig Zag 6640 Mustard
Rhomb 4660 Oliv
Zig Zag 7830 Lilac