Old saw in a new shine

For everey room the suitable look


A rug in clear and vibrant colours brings rooms rich in tradition back to life

“Everything here is real: a unique atmosphere of honesty”, said Jörg Meißner from the Vorarlberg Architecture Institute. This is confirmed not only by the coveted award of the Timber Construction Prize 2013. The Old Saw has long since become a popular meeting place for people from Bezau and beyond.

The old sawmill in Bezau began a new lease of life in 2012 with its conversion over a two year period to a centre for communication and culture. Formerly a place for cutting wood, this small village retreat is now a place for people to meet and interact. The programme includes dramatic performances by local schools for example or concerts. The former sawmill is much cherished by Kaspar Greber, who inherited it from his uncle. The building has lost none of its originality or character as a result of the conversion. True to the motto, „Make the most of what you have been given”, the existing old spruce timber construction was preserved and painstakingly extended.

The façade was clad with wooden shingles in silver fir by specialists from the forest of Bregenz region. The old wooden-framed structure was provided with an insulation of wood shavings and sheep’s wool. „Everything here is genuine; a uniquely back-to-basics atmosphere” finds Jörg Meißner from the Vorarlberg Institute of Architecture. This is not just confirmed by the presentation of the coveted „Holzbaupreis 2013″ (Wooden structure award 2013); the old sawmill has already become a popular meeting place for the people of Bezau and surrounding region.