Tisca rug manufacturing since 1963

Behind every Tisca rug there are decades of experience in a craft which had been believed to be almost extinct and nowhere else could we have found anyone with the necessary skills other than the place where this traditional craft is still maintained. In the region of our manufactory in Transylvania the weaving tradition has been upheld for generations and we are proud to be part of this story. Through fusion of the traditional with the innovative, individual treasures of sustained value are created.

Where people and craftsmanship thrive again

With hand and heart: rug manufacturing in Transsilvania
Before talented female weavers create the beautiful pieces, the wool must make a journey through our manufacture: starting with the "bed" where the wool mix is put together by hand, and continuing through the carding, spinning and fulling mills. Afterwards the woolen yarn is wound onto a shuttle and then it's ready to go!
Bogatu Roman
Live sustainability, take on social responsibility and create jobs where for decades there have been none. Although these may be empty phrases elsewhere, they are a way of life at Tisca.
Since the summer of 2014 Tisca has been operating a very special kind of workshop: in cooperation with the "Elijah" social project of Father Georg Sporschill.