With hand and heart – Tisca rug manufacturing

A morning in our rug manufacture: experienced hands work on beautiful individual pieces for a lifetime's enjoyment. From 26 structures and 96 colours, skilled weavers create a collection for individualists. High-quality new wool from New Zealand sheep, custom sizes, durability as well as reversibility are further specialities of Tisca Austria.

How Tisca rugs are made

Our base material: pure wool from New Zealand
Our base material is pure new wool from New Zealand and Europe. The wool is also known as „fleece". It is available as natural or dyed, whereby we are able to provide 96 standard colours. Here the formulation of fleece is manually put together in the so-called „bed". Water makes the wool more pliant and regulates the moisture content. The formulation guarantees reproducibility of the process.
Spinning the thread onward
On the various types of spinning machine the yarn is spun onto the wick and covers it. The yarns are now fulled so that less wool is lost in use and fluff formation is reduced. First they are hot washed, and then they are rinsed and dried. Through processing the yarn we achieve the beautiful surface structures we want.
The weaving mill: the heart of our manufacture
First of all the warp beams are prepared; the woolen yarn is then wound onto the shuttle. Afterwards our weavers lay the yarn in the warp shed. The weaver's equipment consists of the warp, weft and shuttle. However, the weaver creates the high-quality rugs using her experience and innate feel. Before our rugs leave the manufacture they are weighed, measured, cleaned and inspected. To finish off, each rug receives an attractive triple-stitched textile border.
Off you go: shipping
Our rugs now make the journey to their recipients.
The start of a new life at home with you.