Pure natural colours from the Olbia collection

Olbia Pure Nature is the essence of pure natural colours from the 96 Olbia colours.
Olbia Collina
Olbia Pure Nature - Sustainability in the best manner.
Uncoloured wools from different breeds of sheep are processed into yarns.
Sustainability and a natural look are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to modern living space design. Topics that Tisca has been addressing for a long time.
Feeling comfortable made easy
Wool is a fantastic natural product and has many good properties:

- Elasticity
- Stain and dirt repellent
- Climate regulating
- Breathable
- Sound absorbing
- Environmentally friendly

Interior inspirations with natural colours

Olbia Collina 1234 Koala
Olbia Mesa col. 1001 Wool White
Olbia Uni col. 1100 Bone
Olbia Calanda col. 1803 Rocks

    In the “Olbia Pure Nature” brochure you will find everything you need to know about the natural, undyed colours from the Olbia collection. These 15 natural colours are available in all 26 Olbia structures. The collection is also extremely flexible in terms of shape. Round, oval, rectangular or polygonal as well as shapes made to order are possible.