Pleasant ambience with colours

Colours have a great effect on living
Warm raspberry red (Raspberry Swirl 3305) as a colourful highlight
The Crimson 3610 shade gives a homely atmosphere

    What effect do coloured pure new wool rugs have in a room?

    Colours have a great effect on the living ambience. Warm colours such as yellow, orange or green lend a homely and cosy atmosphere. Cool colours such as blue, grey or white, on the other hand, have a calming effect, bring clarity into the room and freshen up the living environment.

    An earthy colour for added warmth in the living room – The choice of rug

    Eva (Winner #tiscateppichglück) loves colours, art and design and also likes to play with colours at home. While she was quickly certain of her choice of the Olbia Barrio texture, the choice of colour wasn’t easy, with a choice of 96 colours available. With a warm raspberry-red Raspberry Swirl col. 3005, she decides on a colourful highlight!


    A completely different atmosphere in the room

    “It’s completely new and exciting, as a completely new colour has arrived here – and the room doesn’t just have a new colour, but a completely different atmosphere. I think it’s really beautiful and it feels incredibly great, I think it’s much warmer, much cosier and it has even more colour than before. It is quite simply beautiful!” – Eva

    The before-after comparison

    The right look for every room

    Some places have their very own character and a great history. A clear and strong colour sets a strong accent and brings traditional living spaces to a whole new life.

    Orlando Design 2046
    Orlando Design 2157
    Olbia Konstanz 3320 Lucky Lips
    Olbia Stella 5440 Turquoise + 4620 Spring
    Olbia Collina 3610 Crimson
    Olbia Shag 547 Multicolour