Rugs and pets

Hand woven rugs and pets – the right texture is decisive.

Hand-woven rugs and pets – the right texture is decisive

Whether it’s a dog, a cat or a rodent – pets are family members and faithful companions who enrich our lives! Nevertheless, on making certain decisions, we have to take our four-legged friends into account – and for those who have domestic pets, that applies to the right choice of rug.

Things those who have a dog should remember when buying a rug

Many people are of the opinion that if you have a pet, it is better to simply do without a rug. But what would a home be without a rug? Without a rug, your own four walls seem empty and there is a lack of a cosy, homey atmosphere. Even if you have a pet, you don’t have to go without a cosy rug – as long as you consider the following points when choosing your rug.

Living with a dog

During one or the other tumble on and with the carpet, it may be the case that your darling gets his claws stuck in the fibres of the rug. On the one hand, fibres are pulled from the rug, while on the other, your pet may hurt itself. In particular, rugs that feature loops should therefore be avoided! Flat-woven rugs and sisal rugs are especially suitable for pet owners’ homes, as they are very durableand have a firm texture. Your darling can therefore play to its heart’s content!

Choose a durable, flat-woven rug

Four-legged friends bring plenty of joy – but they can be plenty of hard work. They shed hair, come home dirty, and every now and then, cause a mishap. They can maul rugs, or decide to make them their second home. In homes with a pet, rugs therefore have to be able to cope with quite a lot!

For this reason, for those with pets, we primarily recommend our flat-woven rugs, such as the Olbia Barrio, Olbia Uni, Olbia Konstanz, Olbia Massif or Olbia Polar. In comparison with the more bulky types of rug, these are more hard-wearing and easier to clean at the same time. You also benefit from the self-cleaning effect of the sheep’s wool: The hand-made rugs from Tisca are woven, which means they are the identical on both sides and can be turned as often as you like.

The Olbia of colour programme, with 96 colours

The colour of your pet’s hair should also be of relevance when choosing your rug. If your four-legged friend has light-coloured fur, a light-coloured rug is advisable. If it has dark fur, however, a dark rug is recommended. By choosing the right colour, animal hair is less noticeable, which also has a positive impact on the overall picture. Be inspired by our Olbia programme with 96 colours and bring your dream carpet home with you in a fashionable colour.

As you can see: There’s no such thing as impossible! In our small but great manufactory, skilled weavers design treasures which not only look good, but are also hard-wearing. Durability, longevity and double-sided usability are the typical attributes of the rugs from Tisca. With a hand-woven wool carpet, you – and your four-legged friend – gain an oasis of well-being in which comfort comes first.

Further advice on the right choice of rug is available at your nearest specialist retailer. You can find your specialist retailer here.