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Tisca Design process
Designer Christoph Aigner

A conversation with Head Designer, Christoph Aigner

“Inspiration, experience and the desire to experiment are the basis of my working method. The world of textiles is characterised by the quality of the materials and processing, careful craftsmanship, a consistently changing texture and interplay between the colours, as well as a pinch of good luck. My attention is focused on the development of functional and aesthetic fabrics which are made in an ecologically and socially responsible way.”

When designing a living room, everyone has their own approach

Designer Christoph Aigner considers the perception of the feeling of space, exploring the room in interaction with the materiality and light, and making habits, needs and preferences perceptible, to be essential. The aforementioned provides the basis for a needs-based planning of the room.

Where a love for design has its origins

In the enthusiasm for looking and understanding. In the feel of materials – and textiles, there is an unbelievable of wealth of haptic possibilities! And in the knowledge that textiles are a way of life.

Where the origin of comfort is to be found

In the search for satisfaction. And in the varied relationship between the interior world and the living space.

The shared roots of successful designs

Emotionality, functionality and aesthetics recall one another so that the design is casually pleasing and occasionally has the tendency to surprise you.

“We want to revive the old handicraft and prevent the precious knowledge from being lost.”
Christoph Aigner, Head Designer