Natural wool and their positive attributes

Our basic product is high-quality wool from New Zealand.
Undyed, natural wool yarn in col. 1001 Wool White
Why are rugs made of pure new wool?
Wool is a natural product and fantastic material which is able to absorb and release a large amount of humidity. In addition wool keeps dust out of the air in the room and makes it more homely all around. We mainly work with virgin sheep's wool from New Zealand due to its consistently high quality. A sheep generates between two and four kilos of washed wool per year

Good to know – Wool feels good and offers many benefits, such as:

In spaces with many flat glass, concrete or even wood surfaces, it can quickly become uncomfortably loud. Wool rugs reduce the level or noise and provide more tranquillity.

Wool has the useful characteristic of absorbing humidity up to a third of its own weight and of then releasing it again without feeling damp.

Allergy Sufferers 
Sheep’s wool rugs are particularly suited to allergy sufferers. Wool binds dust from the air which can then be removed from the rug with a hoover.

Enviromentally friendly
Pure new wool is a biodegradable and renewable raw material. Its extraction is in harmony with nature.

Stain and dirt resisitant
Dirt and dust are kept on the surface by tuny shingles and can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

In our download area you will find the cleaning and care advice for pure new wool rugs.

Feel good with cosy pure new wool rugs in the cold season

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