Wool for allergic people

Sheep wool and its benefits
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Are you thinking of buying a pure new wool rug in your home? But you suffer from allergies, such as dust mites? Do not worry. There is no need to be without a pure new wool rug. We will inform you about the advantages of wool in case of an allergy and how to care for your new wool rug.

New wool, ideal for those with allergies

More and more people suffer from dust mite allergies, or dust generally irritates the eyes and leads to annoying itching and redness.

Sheep wool and its benefits
Sheep's wool rugs are very suitable for people with allergies. The wool binds the dust from the air, which can be removed from the rugs with a vacuum cleaner. The wool thus helps to keep the room air clean. With smooth floors, the dust tends to collect on the floor and is then dispersed back into the room air. A pure new wool rug can therefore be a helpful support for people allergic to house dust.
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Care is what counts

However, it is important to take care of the rug so that mites have no chance to settle in the wool at the first place. For standard cleaning it is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner with a smooth nozzle. Tisca’s handmade rugs are woven in plain weave, therefore they are equally beautiful on both sides and can be turned over as often as you like. For new wool rugs such as Olbia Uni, Olbia Florida or Olbia Massif use the self-cleaning effect of the new wool and turn the rug twice a year.


The suitable structure

When buying rugs for people with allergies, it is important to pay attention to the surface structure. The smoother the surface, the easier it is to clean: dust and dirt are easier to remove. We do not recommend a high-pile rug because it is susceptible to dust and mite accumulation. We recommend our versatile rugs such as Olbia Uni, Olbia Florida, Olbia Massif or Olbia Polar.

Sisal as alternative

Besides wool rugs, Tisca sisal rugs are also ideal for people with allergy sufferers. Sisal is a plant fibre, it is robust and easy to clean. We recommend our sisal collection especially for the dining and study room, as well as for the entrance area, indoor.